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Global Distribution for the Travel and Tourism Industry

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Technology By Travel Distribution Systems Pty Ltd

Industry Specific Application

TDS ARENA is a consolidated global distribution system for all travel and tourism services that  utilizes  industry booking protocols. The system lowers the cost of distribution for suppliers and increases booking efficiencies for travel agents.

Content Options for Suppliers

Suppliers have the choice of loading travel content within the TDS ARENA application or via gateway development utilizing the TDS ARENA API specifications. The APIs documents can be viewed on this website.

Mobile Booking Interface

TDS ARENA also features a fully integrated tablet booking interface, designed for client’s of travel agents. This unique facility allows travel agents to  earn commissions on bookings made via the mobile booking  service.

Payment Gateway Options

TDS ARENA also features various options for travel agents to pay for booking transactions. These options cover both domestics and international payments and are cost effective and efficient.

Distribution within Travel and Tourism

Travel Distribution Systems Pty Ltd is dedicated to the support of the Travel and Tourism Industry through the development of a cost effective distribution system. Our company believes that travel agents should remain the major distribution channels for all travel content and have the technology that delivers better  pricing and services.

Payment Options

To complement the reservation facilities within TDS ARENA, user have access to various payment options to complete booking transactions. These options cover both domestic and international payments, which are recorded in a trip ledger for all bookings. Payments can be made for bookings transacted within or outside of TDS ARENA. 

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